Um Hello?

My life feels like a revolving door, at times. You know, the ones you jump in and get out whenever you want? People jump in, and jump out without notice. Some of those sillies, jump back in when it’s convenient for them, excuse me? This isn’t okay, but they did give me something to blog about!

Thank you! Yes, I said thank you. Thank you for walking out of my life, I actually really appreciate the fact that you will no longer be taking up space! Now I will be able to love others more! I am going to share with you a poem I wrote for my senior English final project!

People Change like Seasons

You were gone without a warning. 

Nobody will ever understand why you left.

You walked out so easy.

You changed me, for the good and bad. 

Because of you I cherish time more.

Because of you I question every move.

Because of you, I am a new me. 

You have a new life, I watch you from a distance. 

I wonder to myself, have could I not be enough?

Your smile seems so fake now, I wonder to myself…

Do I even cross your mind? Do you miss me?

You remind me often that you do not care.

I will always be so thankful for the people who have left my life. The taught me so many things, and I will always hold the memories we made close to my heart. I will never hate them, but I will never forget what they have done. I will let them back in my life, with very little trust and I will remind myself often, they didn’t care.

Thank you for reading!


Alyssa Ebersole

2 thoughts on “Um Hello?

  1. I am so beyond proud of you for starting your blog and for writing about things near to your heart. You make me so proud! I am so glad you have a chance to say what you feel whenever you get the chance. You have done so good at blogging!!


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