Do Good

I went to lunch with a friend today and on my way home I saw a sign that really hit home. It made me think so much. I instantly came home and started Googling what I read. The sign said “Don’t get tired of doing good.” I was curious if this came from something or if it was just a saying. Sometimes, being a volunteer can be so tiring. Spreading the word about different things can be truly exhausting. Giving all your time and effort to things can also being exhausting. I tend to feel defeated, I feel like I am not making a difference from time to time. When having these thoughts I usually beat myself up. I question why things aren’t improving, why more people aren’t interested. I struggle to remember, it’s not for everyone. Maybe the person I just told about Rainbow will tell someone else, even if they told me it wasn’t for them. It may feel like you’re doing the most work, or working the hardest, but keep going. You are making a difference in this world. You can do this, things will get better! I encourage you, when you’re tired, having negative thoughts, to remember why you started. As tiring as doing the leg work is, the end result can be amazing.

I really have the most amazing followers on my blog, I just wanted to share this quote with you.

Remember, Don’t get tired of doing good.


Alyssa Ebersole

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