Say Thank You!

School is about to be back in full swing, and I need to say a few things.

First, to the teachers, THANK YOU! You do not hear it enough, THANK YOU! Yesterday, I spent 5+ hours helping a teacher get her classroom ready, even though some of it was spent just talking and having fun, we still had to work so hard. We still have more work to do. I think people have this false idea of the amount of work that goes into getting a classroom ready for students to thrive, I know I never realized how much had to be done. Teachers don’t get to leave every decoration or educational poster up at the end of the year. It doesn’t work that way. The rooms have to be cleaned over the summer, therefore rugs, chairs, or anything else must be put away. Shelves usually have to be cleared too, so it is easy for the awesome custodians to work.  Most teachers are able to have their students help pack up and put things away at the end of the year, but not all are that lucky. It’s nice to have the students there to help at the end, but they aren’t there to help before school starts, so all that falls to the teacher. Think about how welcoming most classrooms look. They are completely decorated, and usually have a theme. Most of those decorations had to be rehung right before school started. This means, teachers had to take time away from their families to go get a classroom ready for you or your students! Don’t forget about all the time spent coming up with lesson plans, and printing and copying assignments. I have been so fortunate to have some of the best teachers in my life. Many of them have watched me grow through my brothers, and some have become very dear family friends. Teachers are the reason why other professions are able to happen. Teachers, especially in Oklahoma, don’t do this job for the money. They do this because they love to help and inspire others. They teach because they care. Teachers are the heart of this world. Take the time to thank one!

To the rest of the school staff, thank you! Office staff, custodians, cafeteria workers, the maintenance people, and everyone else who helps keep the school running. You also don’t hear it enough. I had the opportunity to be an office aid for the best secretary around, and let me tell you. She has one of the most underappreciated jobs, seriously. Everyone talks about how the principal keeps the school running, yes they are important, but their secretary plays a MAJOR part. She buffers so many things. I could go on for days about how hard she works and how great she was to be around. Our custodian was one of my favorite people as well. She was probably the funniest lady I had ever met. She was always clowning around, but boy did she work hard. Cafeteria workers work so hard to come up with meals kids will like, this is hard when the government controls what they can serve. Even with all they have to deal with, most still do it with a smile. They try their best, be kind. Maintenance workers? Seriously? Those guys (and girls) are such hard workers. Drive by any school during the summer, they are still working. Just like everyone else, but they are in the heat. Mowing and making sure the campus still looks great.

Schools are full of some of the hardest working, most underpaid people around. Take time to thank one of them, or all of them. Without them, your dreams are just dreams.

Thank you for reading, this blog is possible because of a teacher,


Alyssa Ebersole


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