I know YOU!

I wanted to share ten things I know about you, yes you! Here they are!

  1. You are strong!
    You can move mountains, seriously. Your strength is admirable!
  2. You are worthy!
    You deserve the best, don’t settle. You’re important.
  3. You aren’t alone!
    No matter how close we are, I am here for you! I will listen, I will give you the best guidance I possibly can.
  4. You’re important!
    You really and truly are important, I mean it. You are an amazing human.
  5. You can change the world!
    I believe in you. You have the power to do anything you set your mind do. Go prove every hater wrong. Be the good in the world!
  6. You will make it!
    No matter what ball life has thrown your way, you will get out of it! You will overcome this, and you will succeed. I promise. Just stay strong, and keep your head high. You’ve got this!
  7. You are appreciated!
    I not only appreciate you for stopping by my blog, but I appreciate the good you bring to this world. You’re so great!
  8. You’re doing great.
    You really are doing great. You are making it through this crazy thing called life. The end will be worth it, great things are ahead.
  9. Your only limit is YOU!
    Stop limiting yourself. Push yourself! YOU CAN DEFY ALL ODDS!
  10. You inspire me!
    Your story is so unique, just like you! Keep doing you!

I hope at least one of these 10 things help you get through today! You are doing so good, keep going! You’re a rock-star!

Thank you for reading!


Alyssa Ebersole

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