I wouldn’t be where I am today without The International Order of Rainbow for Girls (IORG). That sounds incredibly cheesy, but it’s so true. When people hear the word “Rainbow” a few things come to mind, neither of which are good. THIS MUST STOP! This is such an amazing organization that has SO much to give!

There so many things I have learned and so much to take away from this organization. I want to share some of those.

Self-confidence. This is HUGE to me, I haven’t always loved who I am. I would look in the mirror and think TERRIBLE thoughts, but now I love who I am. Yes, there are things I can improve about myself, but ultimately, I am the happy. Self confidence isn’t just accepting yourself in the body you’re in. It’s about being confident in the things you’re doing as well.

How has IORG as whole helped with something like this? I was surrounded by other people who loved me and accepted me, for who I am. I found my biggest cheerleaders here, they were proud of me for just doing my best.

Networking. I can travel to anywhere in Oklahoma or outside of Oklahoma and not be afraid. No matter where I go, I know someone who is also involved in this organization or in the Masonic family will help me. But that’s not all, people in so many different professions are also involved. I know if I need help finding a job, they will help me. Seriously, I don’t know a job field that isn’t covered among the adults, but if there is one, someone knows someone in it. IORG has given me a huge family, I’m so thankful.

Experience. How many teenagers know how to properly attend formal meetings and banquets? What to wear, when to eat, how to act? Not many, if any, that I knew. I could go to a formal meeting or banquet every day and not be scared. Simply because I joined rainbow. I know proper etiquette. This isn’t something most parents teach, it’s not something that was ever taught in my high school. These tools I have learned could be the difference in getting a job or not. If you go out to dinner with a perspective boss, I can almost guarantee they will look for your table etiquette. It sets people apart.

Service Learning. How many people just go out and do community service? I didn’t. I knew people who volunteered in their churches, which is great, but I’m talking so much bigger. I have worked with so many different organizations. Joy In The Cause is one of my personal favorites, but there has been SO many! Volunteering is incredibly rewarding. Weird, it doesn’t pay how could it reward you? It gives me a peace of mind knowing those who are in need are being helped, and I am helping them.

I have been able to bless so many different people. This could also be helpful in the future, knowing people due to good things you do, is always beneficial.

Education. Weird, this is probably not something you were expecting me to say, huh? The education benefits are amazing, actually outstanding. I joined in middle school, when teachers LOVED to make kids stand up in front of the class, before getting involved with this organization I couldn’t do it. I was SO scared, peers can be mean… I graduated as class president. I stood in front of my entire graduating class and all their families and spoke. BUT that’s not all… Due to IORG and the other organizations that support it, I am going to college almost completely on SCHOLARSHIPS!!!! The less loans the better!

This isn’t all, I promise. There is SO much more, and I would be more than happy to share those with you. Next time you hear the word “Rainbow,” I hope you will think positively.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I have attached below!


Thank you for reading!


Alyssa Ebersole

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