A Different Side of Things

Moving to Weatherford hasn’t been easy, I have faced more challenges in a few short months than I have in my entire life. In most my blogs or post I have said how great it has been, in this blog you’ll find a small glimpse the other side.

For the very first time, I have been challenged educationally. In high school, never really had to study, I could always pull good grades. I have recently realized I was unprepared for this aspect of college. I didn’t really feel challenged in high school, with a little work I could always figure it out. That isn’t the case here. The last 13 years of my educational life, I had just been doing, usually, the minimum to get by. I am constantly trying to figure out how to study, this may sound weird, but I honestly don’t know how to study. (I am ALWAYS looking for study tips!)

I have been sick more frequently than not. Since August, I have seen a nurse or doctor more times than I can count. The people at the urgent care and in our school nurses office know me by name. This isn’t good. I am starting to feel better, most recently I have had pneumonia.

I have faced some of the toughest challenges, they have tested my patients and strength. I have questioned my goals, purpose, and abilities more than I knew was possible.

I still am unsure what the future holds, but I know there is a plan for me. I am impatiently waiting for guidance, hopefully it comes sooner than later. My dreams have changed since I moved here. My passion is the same, but my dreams are different.

I do appreciate all the love and support from my friends and family. Moving across the state hasn’t been a cake walk, but with all the support I have received, it makes it easier. The picture on the left is from the Miss SWOSU pageant and the picture on the right is from Homecoming.

Thank you for all you do, especially thank you for reading my blog.



Alyssa Ebersole

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