61 Days Later…

It’s been a while, according to this title from my last blog post. So much has happened in the last 61 days, and since August when I really started this blog.

I said I was going to start a no red meat journey when I moved to college, it’s time I give you some feedback! By no red meat, I haven’t had beef since August. I have had some pork, but not enough to even really think about. This journey has been hard, but so worth it. I have decided I want to take this food journey a little bit farther. I will be cutting down my intake of chicken (the only other meat I eat), but I don’t think I am ready to cut it out completely! I will keep you updated on how that goes! Stay tuned!

My first semester of college is complete, the second one starts in just a few days. My first semester was anything but easy. Classes all went well, considering the obstacles I faced. I moved in the middle of the semester, well closer to the end, to a private room in a different dorm. My roommate was great, and I hated leaving her, but my health required it. Moving has been GREAT! The room is much bigger, and a tad nicer. I’m happy where I am, I haven’t been sick since the move.

This year I will be focusing on myself and my mental/physical health. I have several things that will be changing in my life. I will be working on giving myself credit, where it is due, and not being as hard on myself. I tend to tell myself I don’t deserve things, but I will be working on that as well! I am treating myself today, actually!

Thank you to those who have followed my blog, I apologize I haven’t been on. I will be working on getting more post out, I actually have 8 in my drafts that I need to look over and see why they weren’t published! Thank you to those who noticed my absence on here and reached out in other ways!

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season and enjoys the new year! What are some goals you have for yourself?

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Alyssa Ebersole

2 thoughts on “61 Days Later…

    1. I honestly stopped because I love cows so much. But I didn’t really didn’t ever enjoy it. Of all meat, the red is the worst for you and it’s hard on your body! Do it! It’s surprisingly easy!


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