I know YOU!

I wanted to share ten things I know about you, yes you! Here they are! You are strong! You can move mountains, seriously. Your strength is admirable! You are worthy! You deserve the best, don't settle. You're important. You aren't alone! No matter how close we are, I am here for you! I will listen, … Continue reading I know YOU!

Do Good

I went to lunch with a friend today and on my way home I saw a sign that really hit home. It made me think so much. I instantly came home and started Googling what I read. The sign said "Don't get tired of doing good." I was curious if this came from something or … Continue reading Do Good

Um Hello?

My life feels like a revolving door, at times. You know, the ones you jump in and get out whenever you want? People jump in, and jump out without notice. Some of those sillies, jump back in when it's convenient for them, excuse me? This isn't okay, but they did give me something to blog … Continue reading Um Hello?